Phillip Godfrey, Georgia Managing Partner



Certifications and Education

AAHFRP- Medical Exercise Specialist

CPR/AED Certified

Medical Exercise Training Institute


Other Activities​

Phillip Served as the American Society of Fitness Professionals President from 2011-2013. Phillip was featured in Mens Health, Washington Post, NPR Radio, Reuters, and other media/news outlets. He has also worked with a number of organizations like the Arthritis Foundation and US Soccer Foundation. 


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I started training with Phillip 3 years ago, and have seen great results- my BP is under control and I have been able to achieve my desired physique.  He just totally upgraded his facility and has brought training to a new level!  He is very attentive and makes sure you're not only doing the right exercises, but he makes sure your form is right.  I would highly recommend Phil to anyone with a health and fitness goal.  He'll help you get there!

—  Rob U.