Guidelines & Procedures


Medical Exercise Trainers is committed to providing a safe environment to protect the well-being of our practitioners and clientele. As we are currently initiating our re-opening period this month. Management of Medical Exercise Trainers will allow our practitioners to individually decide when they would like to resume exercise sessions inside the facility. To make sure the health and safety of the practitioners and clientele are our top priority and all parties are on the same accord. Please contact your Medical Exercise Specialist directly for an update on their return to in-person training. 


Please review the following measures that will be implemented and must be followed by all who wish to resume exercise sessions inside of the MedEx facility.

All participants entering the Medical Exercise Trainers facility acknowledge the absence of the following signs and symptoms: Fever, headache, sore throat, cough, nausea, airplane travel, positive Covid-19 test or been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for covid-19 within the last 14 days.

Health Screening:

All clientele who enter Medical Exercise Trainers will have an external temperature screening and will be required to wear a face covering. The exemptions are for those who have obstructive breathing and/or other restricted lung capacity related to exercise. Upon entering the facility, all clients will be advised to use hand sanitizer. The  Medical Exercise Trainer’s staff will be fully supplied with protective masks and gloves.  A station will be available to provide protective equipment for those in need, and to regularly exchange used protective equipment for new gloves and masks.

Social Distancing:

The Medical Exercise Trainer’s facility will designate specific days and  times of the week  for  high risk populations. I.E. : Monday and Wednesday from the hours of 12 pm - 3 pm. 

 All sessions will include a maximum of 2 practitioners on the floor at any given time, with start times staggered to ensure clients do not come in and wait unnecessarily. 

The clinic will be split into 2 quadrants when in use and the practitioners will be the only ones traveling through the quadrants during the sessions. There will be a designated entry door and exit door  to maintain social distancing for those  entering and exiting the facility.

 Clients are not to arrive earlier than 5 minutes before their session. Upon arrival, there will be a designated waiting space in the front of the clinic for the (1) client arriving before their scheduled session.  All sessions will end 5 min early so the practitioner can close out the client and sanitize before the next session. 

 All partner sessions are limited to 2 clients and will be held in the larger quadrant. Group Classes will be held virtually until further notice.


 Change rooms and lockers will be available for use.  All personal items must be removed from the change rooms and stored in the provided lockers. There will NOT be any trash or used towel receptacles in the changing room. All used towels will be disposed of in one main receptacle at the exit door. 

High touch surfaces and equipment will be cleaned hourly after each  session. There will be a morning and evening wipe down for all universal equipment.

The building at 1001 Connecticut has elevated the filter rating to  main air handling units in the building. ASHRAE Standards have been implemented to increase outdoor air ventilation, this increases the effective dilution ventilation per person.

Windows will remain open as long as the temperature is reasonable. On humid days, windows will close and extra fans will be utilized throughout the facility.