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Shoulder/Upper Back Videos


Lat Pulldown With Band


Internal/External Isometric 


Prone Shoulder "T"

Seated "W"

Seated "I"

Shoulder Internal/External Rotations

Shoulder "T" on Stability Ball

Shoulder "Y" on Stability Ball

Scapula Retraction to Reverse Fly

Standing Band Rows

Knee Videos


Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift "Tea Pot" 

Quad Stretch

Wall Squats (no ball and ball)

Standing Terminal Knee Extension

Seated Straight Leg Raise

Split Squat

Eccentric Squat

Standing Hip Extension

Swiss Ball/Physio Ball Hamsting Curl

Hamstring Stretch

Ankle Videos


Standing One leg Balance 

Toe Taps 

Heel Raises


Calf Stretch

Ankle Inversion-Eversion

Plantar Flexion and Dorsiflexion


Hip Videos


Side Lying Hip Abduction

Clam Shells

Hip Bridges


Standing hip Extension

Sumo Squat

Lateral band Walking

Dead Lift/Pick-up

Hip Flexor Stretch

Abdominals Videos



"Bird Dog"

Pelvic Clocks

Dead Bug

Swiss Ball/PhysioBall Crunch


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