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Telesessions are Live!
Contact your Medical Exercise Specialist to schedule a personal tele-session. 
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Personalized Exercise Programs & Videos
We are very happy to design YOU a personalized exercise program catered exactly to your needs and fitness goals. 
We are here to help in anyway that we can!
Contact your Medical Exercise Specialist or email for more information.


Online Classes are Live!
Exclusively offered to our current members, these classes will be the perfect compliment to your current fitness routine. No equipment is needed, just bring great energy and enthusiasm!

For class details, contact your Medical Exercise Specialist or email for more information.

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The Process______________________
Medical Exercise Trainers begins with a thorough assessment of wellness. We implement exercise training with condition protocols and provide adaptive outcome-informed programming to get you moving optimally.
The Difference________________
Medical Exercise Trainers
Personal Fitness Trainers
Personal Fitness Trainers provide exercise programs for individuals who are asymptomatic and
Medical Exercise Trainers provide exercise programs for individuals who have medical conditions.